Punked Lowrider | Drop Down Customized Longboard


Longboards, the original skateboard, have been making a return in the past years. However, it usually simply isn’t just a form of transportation, but an extreme sport unto itself. So, if you were planning on getting in on the action, then the Punked Lowrider Longboard is exactly what you need.

Usually, when you purchase a longboard, you have to buy the wheels and trucks separately, but Yocaher has made it easy since the Punked Lowrider is complete upon purchase.

Punked Lowrider side view

The concave deck shape gives you exceptional stability at high speeds.

The deck itself is a concave double drop lowrider style that measures in at 40.75” x 9.5”. The overall length gives you unprecedented stability. Also, to ensure that your feet stay on the board, you’ll be pleased to know that it also features Black Widow Premium Grade 80A Griptape. Furthermore, for added stability, this board features 8mm plastic risers. Check out a crazy longboard video below.

Punked Lowrider close up view of the deck and logo

Every Punked Lowrider board is constructed out of 9-ply maple that is known for its strength and suppleness.

However, as we all know, the true beauty of a longboard lies in the synergy between the deck, the trucks and the wheels. This board comes stock with 9.675” HD7 heavy duty trucks that have a 180mm hangar. The trucks are lightweight as well, considering that they are constructed out of aluminum alloy.

Punked Lowrider close up of the trucks and the a view of the bottom of the board

The trucks themselves are constructed out of 100% aluminum allow. Furthermore, these boards feature high quality wheels with Abec 7 Chrome Bearings for high speed cruising.

As for the wheels themselves, they are premium grade Q-ball 70x52mm solid wheels with a hardness of 78A. To ensure that you can reach amazing speeds, these wheels are fitted with Abec 7 chrome bearings that will have you cruising down hills at the speed of sound.

To top it all off, the Punked Lowrider is available in a variety of colors and different designs.

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3 different versions of the Punked Lowrider Longboard

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