For all you guys who love spending time with your kids, but hate going for a walk, there might be a way to change your opinion. Release your inner child that has been put aside for too long and take him for a ride on a longboard – and at the same time go walking with your child in a stroller. Yep, it is possible – Lonboardstroller by Quinny will make it happen.

Longboardstroller by Quinny side view

The perfect way to satisfy your inner Peter Pan while taking your kid for a walk – Longboardstroller

The Longboardstroller combines – obviously – a longboard for your excitement with a stroller that will keep your loved one safe and happy. It will not only be a thrilling experience for you, it will also add speed and sense of togetherness to their experience. It is designed in a way that will never put your kid in danger, with extra-large wheels and special trucks. It also features a low deck for better stability during the ride, as well as a safety leash and a handbrake. If used responsibly and thoughtfully, it will bring a lot of fun into your stroll around the city – and he or she will love you for it.

A man driving his child on Longboardstroller; handbrakes of Longboardstroller

It is made to be perfectly safe for your child, with large wheels and a handbrake.

Keep in mind to watch for traffic and always have your child wear a helmet and other protective gear. Make a game out of it, provide the best experience for them and never be called the “boring Dad”. The little one will be proud of the time they get to spend with you and you will show them a whole new world of speed (moderate speed!) and fun! watch video below

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A man and his daughter walking with Longboardstroller

Spend time with your little one and always be called the Best Dad!

And here’s how it works…

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