HJC X Marvel | Spider-Man And Venom Helmets


Following the tremendous success that HJC had with their Marvel collaboration when they released the Team Iron, Team Captain and Punisher helmets, they have decided to go one step further. With a release date set for the 15th of August, we’re sure that you’re just as excited as we are for the release of their latest HJC Spider-Man and Venom Helmets.

With your choice between the light and dark sides, the HJC Spider-Man & Venom helmets were designed to keep you safe while pimping your riding style.

HJC cover art for spiderman and venom helmets

Spider-Man or Venom? Which will you choose?

These helmets are a bit more on the expensive side compared to their previous collaboration helmets but this is easily explained by the fact that HJC decided to meticulously craft the look of both Spiderman and Venom on their flagship helmet, the RPHA 11 Pro.

HJC Spiderman helmet

The Spider-Man and Venom designs are expertly crafted onto HJC’s latest flagship the RPHA 11 Pro that was designed for the top level rider.

The RPHA 11 Pro is based on the massively successful RPHA 10 and features an extremely lightweight shell that doesn’t compromise on integrity. By being both light and, yet, super strong, the RPHA 11 Pro’s shell offers excellent protection as well as incredible comfort.

However, that’s not all since the RPHA 11 Pro also offers new state of the art upgrades that include a more aerodynamically refined shell, the ACS “Advanced Channeling Ventilation System”, an improved rear spoiler design, an additional forehead vent for optimal airflow, a greater field of view and an altered face shield gasket system.

HJC Venom Helmet

The RPHA 11 Pro features some state of the art improvements to go along with your choice between Venom or Spider-Man.

Essentially, as HJC’s flagship, these helmets are designed for the top level rider that wants to get the most out of their gear. The only choice that’s left is if you lean more towards the Spider-Man design, or, does the dark side of Venom draw you more.

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