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Raptor 2 | Super Powerful Direct Drive Electric Skateboard


There are some amazing electric skateboards out there, but there isn’t anything quite like this one. If you were looking for range, as well as an amazing cruise speed, then we have just what you were looking for. Introducing the Raptor 2 Electric Skateboard by Enertion! Pre-order from Kickstarter here. Well known for their remarkable …

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Punked Lowrider | Drop Down Customized Longboard


Longboards, the original skateboard, have been making a return in the past years. However, it usually simply isn’t just a form of transportation, but an extreme sport unto itself. So, if you were planning on getting in on the action, then the Punked Lowrider Longboard is exactly what you need. Usually, when you purchase a …

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Tag Heuer Electrical Longboard Concept

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We love concepts, because concepts, occasionally and often turn into reality. The concept that we decided to feature is the one and only Tag Heuer Electrical Longboard that just completely blew our minds. The designer of the Tag Heuer Electrical Longboard is a student at Hongik University in Seoul, South Korea and his name is …

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Sbyke P-20 Rear-Steering Scooter


Sbyke P-20 is a hybrid of a scooter, bike and a skateboard. It has a front BMX wheel with alloy rim, a wide board and a rear-steering technology. Everything about it is designed to make your ride smooth and give you the stability of a bike ride but also leaves a lot of space for you to …

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Movpak | The Perfect Transportation For The Urban Traveler


Have you ever been walking along and just wished that you could materialize some way to commute out of thin air? Well, that has just become a possibility with the Movpak. The Movpak isn’t just a skateboard, or a backpack, but rather a combination of both that is packed full of features. The Movpak is …

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The Lo-Ruiter Longboard | By Joey Ruiter

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Designer Joey Ruiter has already treated us with some cool products like the Growler City Bike and the Inner City Bike. Now, he has decided to dedicate his attention to the skateboard and this effort has resulted with the Lo-Ruiter Longboard. This board features innovative, futuristic design and it’s meant to resemble a hoverboard and …

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Razor Ripsurf | Surfboard For The City


Each season brings new adventures. Winter is the time you’re off somewhere in the mountains and summers are perfect for avid surfers. Razor had an idea to bring snowboarding and surfing experience on the streets and the result is this cool looking surfboard for the city. Razor Ripsurf is a 2 wheel caster board that will …

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Blink-Board | The Latest Electric Skateboard From CES 2016


Here’s one more cool creation seen at CES 2016. Acton, the company behind RocketSkates, now introduced a small electric skateboard called Blink-Board. With just 26.5 inches in length, it’s smaller than normal sized boards and can be controlled via smartphone. The board is made from Canadian maple and patterns can be customized. Taking in consideration the size of …

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Mellow Drive | Universal Electric Drive Add-on For Skateboards

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The German company Mellow Boards has developed a compact electric drive that fits any skateboard. This way, you can choose any board you like and turn it in an electric skateboard. The great thing about electric skateboards is that they’re a sustainable way of transport. This design will give you the opportunity to transform your favorite board in just a few …

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Gauswheel Spirit | 2 Wheel Unicycle

You want something with the stability of a bicycle, but smaller? You want something like a skateboard or a scooter, but faster? Well, the Hungarians created exactly that. The Gauswheel Spirit is the perfect combination of those three. It’s made for an urban environment and although it may seem like a unicycle it has two …

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