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If you ever had a chance to see a time-honored Zulu spear in a museum or gallery, you probably have a pretty good idea about the shape and looks of the product we’re featuring today. Inspired by the traditional spear design introduced by Zulu King Shaka that helped revolutionize South African warfare back in the early 1800’s, the Cold Steel Assegai Spear blends together ancient tribal lore, modern materials and cold forging manufacturing techniques to deliver an extraordinary spear-throwing and close-combat experience – or just serve as another intriguing conversation piece hanging from your living room or office wall.

Cold Steel Assegai spear on Amazon

The shaft is made from premium American Ash and connected to an SK-5 medium carbon steel spear head, Cold Steel Assengai Spears are available in two different versions, the Long Shaft Assengai measuring 6-foot 9 1/2 inches in length and the 38-inch long Short Shaft Assengai spear, both of which sport a 13 1/3 inches long broad plain-edge spear head with a stylish black finish cloaked in a convenient polymer sheath to keep the blade safe and harmless when not in use. The trusty Assengai spear heads are crafted by a state-of-the-art heat treatment and spring tempering procedure to ensure maximum flexibility and resistance to impact stress.

Cold Steel Assegai spear

As far as the practical aspect of your Zulu-style weaponry is concerned, you would typically use your Long Shaft Assengai Spear for target practice and spear-throwing purposes, while the shorter Cold Steel spear is better-suited to close-combat when faced with your sworn adversary. Both spears ship in two parts (the head and the brown shaft are not pre-mounted for safety reasons) and require minimum setup with the help of some screws, which means you can start flailing your Zulu spear around the neighborhood in under ten minutes from box delivery.

Perfect for close-range hunting, target practice, spear fishing and chasing your nosy neighbors off your beloved private property, Cold Steel Assengai Spears will prove an invaluable addition to any keen weaponry fan’s collection, and you can

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