Studio TILT came up with the idea for making your working environment more comfortable and pleasant. They designed the LeafDesk, which is an excellent product for offices where group work is very important and appreciated. Its look symbolizes the harmony and unity in a working space and the beauty of teamwork, as well.

The table is composed of three pieces- the base unit and two additional ones, which are connected with a mechanism in a way that it resembles three leaves linked together. Those “leaves” cannot be separated, there is only a possibility of adding more elements, but the original model is enough for three coworkers to use it comfortably.

LeafDesk elements can be rotated up to 270 degrees, and it’s offered in three different sizes; small, medium and large. Its flexibility, round edges and narrow legs make it suitable for any shape of working space, even the really tight ones.

So, if you ever feel the need to change something in your professional surrounding, you can easily break the monotony with modern, practical, and attractive piece of furniture, such as TILT’s amazing LeafDesk.

Employess working using the LeafDesk by Studio TILT

The joint between 2 sheets of wood

A hole in a sheet of wood

3 Green leafs connected together with a thread

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