In the business-driven world we live in, sitting has become the commonplace norm: we sit at work, in the cinema, in a pub, in the park, at a library, at home; gosh, we even sit when we’re supposed to be moving along the line from point A to point B, commuting daily by trains, buses, public transport or our own cars and motorbikes. And as we all know, medical research has long ago shown that too much sitting means too many health problems in the making. So if you care even a little bit about your current and future physical and mental wellbeing, keep reading – because there’s actually an affordable, stylish and inventive way to do away with your back pains, stiff necks and headaches, as well sitting-induced psychological drain: we bring you the LIFT Adjustable Desk by iSkelter.

Designed to minimize bodily stress and relieve you of potential future chronic conditions caused by way too much sitting, LIFT comes in the shape of a fully adjustable desk unit which you simply mount on top of your current office/home work station to raise the desktop surface and achieve a more healthy standing position while still typing away, browsing the net, taking notes, studying or sorting out those piles of paperwork. In the original configuration, LIFT comes with a bottom shelf, three cord management clips to keep your device cables neat and tidy and two felt storage trays for small accessories such as pens, keys, coins or USB devices. And though it does not work as a standalone desk, LIFT does have a bunch of handy fully customizable features which you can throw in to serve your desktop needs best, including an add-on display docks for clear visibility of your phone/tablet, a dry erase board for easy note taking, a stainless steel recessed cup holder to protect your gadgets from accidental drink spills, or a super thick mousepad for computer-navigation comfort.

Made from strong and elegant premium-class bamboo, LIFT measures 16.2 x 37 x 57 inches (41 x 94 x 57 centimeters, HLD), and the desktop shelf is also adjustable as it goes into grooves etched into the side panels on the scale 3 – 15 inches (7.6 – 38 centimeters). LIFT is available in two colors, either natural/light or hazelnut/dark bamboo, so if you’re looking to improve your posture, productivity and health, order this innovative yet simple desk unit now and look forward to first deliveries sometime in October. watch video below

Lift adjustable desk table

Lift adjustable desk

Whiteboard on a table

Lift adjustable desk

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