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Studio TILT came up with the idea for making your working environment more comfortable and pleasant. They designed the LeafDesk, which is an excellent product for offices where group work is very important and appreciated. Its look symbolizes the harmony and unity in a working space and the beauty of teamwork, as well. The table …

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OpenBook Armchair by British Design Studio TILT

An armchair, a bookshelf, a magazine rack, and a coffee table all rolled into one. We are talking about the OpenBook armchair, created by British design studio Tilt. The story how the OpenBook came about is quite an interesting one. Originally created for the Grade II listed buildings where any sort of intervention on the …

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If you are searching for solitude and seclusion in this busy world, the Quiet Chair, designed by London-based Studio TILT, will give you your own quiet and private space. The chair intentionally resembles a cocoon, making the user feel shielded and comforted, like in a personal haven. Quiet Chair is pentagonal in shape and was …

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