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5 Working Desks You Should Consider Buying

Just recently we wrote about essential office gear and included a working desk that let’s face it, is truly a crucial part of an office. Today, our focus is entirely on desks and you’ll see five of them. We made it diverse (standing desk, sitting desk, smaller and bigger ones) so you can find the …

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Tempel Workbench

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Chances are that you have got a project going, or you’re thinking of starting one. Small projects are a great way to keep one motivated, and it gives you a feeling of accomplishment. However, as everyone knows, you need to have the proper tools for the job. Even though it might not seem like it, …

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Nebula Water Colour Tabletop Wrap


If you want to make your office desk or table at home more fun, make sure to check out the Nebula Water Colour Tabletop Wrap. What this easy to use wrap does is it transforms the look of the tabletop and is perfect if you want to cover your old pieces of furniture. Nebula Water Colour Tabletop …

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Sean Woolsey’s Waterfall Desk


Sean Woolsey is a Californian artist who makes furniture pieces. Today, we’re talking about his super stylish, hand-crafted Waterfall Desk. This one continues with the minimalistic and clean design of the Agent Desk we saw a while ago and was originally made for the architect William Itzen. One side of the desk is covered with wood and represents the …

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LapPad GO+ | The First Mobile Workstation With Built-In Charging

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With our current society, working on the go has become an essential factor. With the advent of mobile telephony and wireless internet, we are literally doing everything mobile. Why not do it in style? Introducing the LapPad GO+ and LapPad +! Pre-order from Kickstarter here. The LapPad Go+ and LapPad + is the world’s first …

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Vintage Jeep Desk | By Canett Furniture


If you’re looking for a cool piece of furniture to update your office or retro themed home, guys from Canett Furniture have something awesome to offer. Their Jeep Desk is a piece not only vintage car lovers will adore but anyone having a thing for repurposed furniture. This furniture company located in Denmark created a 130-pound desk using a recycled Jeep …

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Butterply | Multifunctional Plywood Desk


Having a proper desk can make your life much easier; many of us do spend a lot of time working behind our desk in anyways. By having a modular, multifunctional desk, it can greatly help you with your work load and your organizational skills. Well, that was exactly what the guys at Upscaling Operations (UPSOP) …

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Lian-Li DK-04 | Standing Desk PC Gaming Rig Chassis

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There is an age-old battle between console and PC gamers that has raged on relentlessly about which platform is better. Even though there is no definitive answer, everyone can agree that being able to build your own customized PC gaming rig that looks awesome gives anyone a certain level of satisfaction. This is where the …

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The Edge Desk | Ergonomic And Foldable Workstation


When working, it’s important to sit comfortably and have enough space around you to place all the stuff you need by your hand. These were all the reasons why The Edge Desk was created. It’s designed to make you more productive and it’s currently funded on Kickstarter. The first thing we should mention is that it’s …

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Crossover Motorized Standing Desk | By Next Desks

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If you spend a lot of time sitting down while working on your computer, the position can get very uncomfortable. That’s why people have invented adjustable desks, but none of them can match the features of the Crossover Motorized Standing Desk by Next Desks. This is actually a power adjustable hybrid workstation that you can …

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