OpenBook Armchair by British Design Studio TILT

An armchair, a bookshelf, a magazine rack, and a coffee table all rolled into one. We are talking about the OpenBook armchair, created by British design studio Tilt. The story how the OpenBook came about is quite an interesting one. Originally created for the Grade II listed buildings where any sort of intervention on the building’s structure was forbidden, including putting up a simple bookcase, the OpenBook was the perfect and utterly multi-functional solution.

OpenBook is your quiet spot, a place where you can chill out and wind down. Although the armchair’s sideboards additionally dampen the noise, you don’t feel completely boxed up which allows you to freely communicate with the people around you. The chair is also space-saving, always a popular feature among urban dwellers. Additionally, it doubles as your personal bookshelf. “While technology advances”, the designers explain, “books are still loved. The OpenBook is a seat and a library that celebrates the printed form.”

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Front view of the Openbook Armchair by Studio Tilt

Rear view of the Openbook Armchair by Studio Tilt

Collage of 2 images, front and back view of the Openbook Armchair by Studio Tilt

Openbook Armchair by Studio Tilt in a white room with magazines stored on the side of the armchair

[images via TILT]

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