Symbol Audio is definitely a different company. Just recently we’ve reviewed their Modern Record Console and we were stunned by its design and functionality. Their latest product called Audio Desk moves in the same direction.

It is a table that has two successfully integrated speakers, amp, a subwoofer and all the cables and wires. When not in use, you can close the sliding sheet metal panels and hide the speakers. The speakers are full range 4 inches ones with the power of 8 W, while the subwoofer is 5 and 1/4 inches with the power of 15.5 W. Due to the fact that this kind of a setup is fixed, whenever you sit in front of the desk, you will be in the perfect position in respect to the speakers. The concealing nature of the Audio Desk is ideal when it comes to the design related perils of the subwoofer. They are usually put down on the floor, due to their weight and differing size, but with Audio Desk, you will never know you have a subwoofer, while you will still be able to enjoy the deep bass response.

When it comes to connectivity, there is a stereo input jack that helps you connect virtually any device to the Audio desk, but, having in mind the modern functionality of the products that come from Symbol Audio, you can also utilize AirPlay, Bluetooth with a special place in the back of the desk being reserved for any wireless audio receiver.

All of these, along with the simple table surface are made of wood and they are actually a great interior design feature. There is some customization available since you can choose from solid oak, maple, cherry and walnut finishes.

The price of this furniture piece is just shy of $4,000, but, if you can afford it, there is no reason why you should not enjoy all the benefits of great sound and timeless design in one single unit. [via]

Audio Desk by Symbol Audio 3

Audio Desk by Symbol Audio 4

Audio Desk by Symbol Audio 2

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