Myriad of smart products have emerged recently, all of them making our lives easier. After numerous gadgets – phones and related products leading the way – we have got the chance to enjoy smart products in the field of sport as well. Products such as miCoach Smart Ball by Adidas, or the recently presented Zepp Golf Training System.

These products, apart from being extremely fun, also enable us to develop our skills using technologies available only to professional athletes and their coaches. This is what the Smart Ball by Adidas can do.

It can help you advance various soccer skills, such as precision shooting and long passes, as well as set pieces such as corners, goal kicks, free kicks and penalties. This was achieved by packing the Micoach Smart Ball with numerous sensors which measure all of the relevant aspects of a kick. They show you where you hit the ball, how hard you did it as well as the amount of spin and its trajectory.

Adidas Micoach smart ball

The data is transferred via Bluetooth to your iPhone or iPod touch, or more specifically, to the miCoach app which also offers various tutorials and tests. Of course, all of the data gets stored and your progress is tracked over time. This additionally enables you to share your achievements on social networks of your choice.

The mode called Challenge Yourself lets you have a go at a kick where a certain aspect is targeted – such as speed or bend – as well as try a kick that a pro uses. The ball is sure to be popular especially having in mind that Adidas is also the creator of the Brazuca match ball which is to be used for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

So, do you think you can learn to tear nets like Roberto Carlos, Juninho Pernambucano, or Sinisa Mihajlovic? Or bend like Beckham? For just $299 you can get the Adidas Smart Ball and find out. [viawatch video below

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Adidas smart ball app

Adidas smart ball app

Adidas Micoach smart ball

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