Zepp Golf Training System is an innovative way to improve your skills in this sport. Precisely, this is a 3D training system that uses sensor and a mobile application to help you see what you are doing wrong or right while swinging.

It comes with a mount that you put on your golf glove, and after you have done this, it will send information to your iPad, iPhone or Android device via Bluetooth.The sensor keeps track of the thing you do with advanced motion capture technology and it records data points to send instant feedback to your mobile device.

Zepp allows you to replay your swing from any angle, since it captures it in 360°.

Zepp golf 3d training system

Zepp is very useful to players and coaches, as well. It helps you analyze everything you do on the course. The device will give you the insight of all the important things regarding your swing, such as club plane, the speed of club head, the path and the speed of your hand, backswing club angle, the rotation of your hip… all which will help you understand how good you are doing and what things you should change in order to improve. With it you can compare swings, for instance you can compare your own with the swing of a pro.

The Zepp Training System provides useful data in a revolutionary way and every amateur will simply love it, because with it you will get better in no time and you will be able to beat your friends with ease. However, this device is not bounded to golf only and you can download the applications for baseball or tennis, as well. You can get it for the price of $146.99. watch video below

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Zepp golf sensor

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