Nike is one of those sportswear companies that never cease to amaze us. Nike is known for always being on the cutting edge and the product that we are featuring today is what cutting edge is all about. Imagine a boot so advanced that it fits and feels like a second skin, gives you the utmost control and changes color as you wear it. It is called Hypervenom Phantom and here is what the hype is all about.

Hypervenom black

The boot remains black while it is cold

What makes the limited edition Nike Hypervenom Phantom boots so unique? Firstly, it gives you superb control in wet or dry conditions with its PEBAX nylon plate that offers supreme support and flexibility. Secondly, its upper is made with ‘NikeSkin’ technology that fits snugly around your foot and changes color as you wear it. ‘NikeSkin’ is created out of two different elements; the first being a honey-combed stitched micro-webbing and the second is made up of layers of thin polyurethane membranes that give you excellent comfort and an extremely unique look.

Hypervenom NikeSkin

Thanks to the NikeSkin technology, the Hypervenom Phantom changes color when exposed to heat

When the Nike Hypervenom Phantom boot is cold, the material stays black but as soon as heat gets transferred to the material from the wearer’s feet, a stunning orange, honey-comb pattern arises out of the blackness. Once the boot returns to its original temperature, you have a black boot again. All in all, the Nike Hypervenom Phantom boot offers a feel that cannot be beaten and since the material is not only strong but ultra thin as well, you have a lightweight boot that comfortably fits around your foot and provides cushioning that you would expect from a leather boot.

By the way, www.soccerreviewsforyou.com (one of the best sites for all thing soccer) has given the Nike Hypervenom Phantom boot a well deserved 90% overall score.

Hypervenom lightweight and comfort

The Hypervenom Phantom is a lightweight boot which comfortably fits around your foot

Check out a short video presentation of Hypervenom’s color change.

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