Is this really possible? Yes, it is. What makes the One World Futbol even more special is that it is a part of a humanitarian project that aims to provide the children in poor and underdeveloped countries with the pleasure of the most popular game in the world. The joy this brings can be seen in Sandra Cress’s report from Zanzibar on the One World Futbol website.

The ball is made of a material produced in Canada which is used for Crocs sandals. Standard soccer balls require stitching and they are filled with air, which means that they are destined to lose their functionality when punctured.

This ball requires no stitching and it is not inflatable. It is made of closed-cell foam. So can a foam ball replace the real thing? Yes. It mimics the rebound characteristics, size, weight and the entire feel of a real soccer ball brilliantly. Far better than any improvised ball these kids play with.

Blue One World Futbol next to damaged and punctured soccer balls

Moreover, standard soccer balls are usually made to suit a certain surface. For example, a ball that is intended to be used on grass will quickly tear if used on concrete terrain. One World Futbol ball can be used on grass, tarmac, beach sand, dirt, rocks or concrete without any difference.

However great the One World Futbol is technically, its greatest benefit comes from the relief it brings to the children and youths in war zones and refugee camps, as well as any other cruel environment, bringing the joy of the game they enjoy so much. Making a ball that will last longer than any other is just one additional perk. watch video below

Yellow One World Futbol Soccer ball on a barb wire fence

Yellow One World Futbol Soccer ball next to an old soccer ball

African kids playing with a blue One World Futbol Soccer ball

Blue One World Futbol Soccer ball

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