ACPAD | Midi-Controller For Acoustic Guitars


There’s just something about being able to play a musical instrument that is indescribable. The feeling that you get when you master that riff that you’ve been practicing for ages, finally getting it right to pick with all your fingers, blasting out a monster jam. It’s a rush! However, acoustic guitars are limited in what they can do and that’s where the ACPAD comes in.

The ACPAD is a removable midi-controller that attaches directly to the face of your acoustic guitar with a special adhesive that leaves no residue. Since it is a midi-controller it will give you access to thousands of instruments and sounds such as bass, piano, percussion instruments and all of this with the touch of a finger during play. Of course, you could also add your own custom made sounds or loops; by using the looping channel, you can even record loops while playing. Pretty cool, right? It gets better.

ACPAD Midi Controller On A White Acoustic Guitar

ACPAD Midi Controller is removable and it’s attached to the face of the guitar.

ACPAD Midi Controller On A White Guitar

You can connect it via WiFi and Bluetooth.

To increase the functionality of the ACPAD, the creators inserted 8 touch pads that can be assigned to different instruments, 10 preset buttons (programmable to save 25 presets) that allow you to seamlessly swap styles in between songs, 2 slider faders that change the intensity and modulation of the instrument or effect that you’re using and 2 looper channels that can be used for live recording and triggering or stopping a prerecorded loop. The ACPAD also connects with either WiFi or Bluetooth. It truly is an electronic orchestra for your acoustic guitar.

Playing Acoustic Guitar With ACPAD

ACPAD has different touch pads, buttons, sliders and looper channels, for making unique sounds.

You can’t find the ACPAD in stores yet but be sure to pre-order yours today from ACPAD and rest assured that yours will be delivered in June 2016. watch video below

However, words can only take one so far, it’s better just to see for yourself how awesome the ACPAD is with this video:

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