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Top Must-Have VST Plugins for Music Producers

Whether you need a synthesizer or drum VST – or anything in between – you’ll find amazing options available. Hundreds of plugins are available which will help you transform an amateur track into a professional one. How do you select plugins? What options are available? Let’s find out. Pexels Overview of VST Plugins Music production …

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Why Turntables Are the Hottest Trend in Home Entertainment

The world of home entertainment has seen many changes over the years, from the advent of cassette tapes and CDs to the rise of digital streaming services. However, one trend that has recently captured the attention of music enthusiasts is the resurgence of vinyl records. Turntables have brought back the magic of physically interacting with …

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Mogees | Make The World Your Instrument


There can be a million things that can be said about music. The German Philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche is quoted as saying, “Without music, life would be a mistake.” Of course, he was completely correct. Music is an art form that puts us in touch with a deeper, more integral and primal part of ourselves and …

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MI Guitar | By Magic Instruments


If you ever played the guitar, you know that it’s quite hard to learn to do so. Magic Instruments invented a new type of a guitar for all of you who would like to play it but don’t have time to learn how, or simply need an easier solution. MI Guitar has a simple design, so you can …

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ACPAD | Midi-Controller For Acoustic Guitars


There’s just something about being able to play a musical instrument that is indescribable. The feeling that you get when you master that riff that you’ve been practicing for ages, finally getting it right to pick with all your fingers, blasting out a monster jam. It’s a rush! However, acoustic guitars are limited in what …

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ROLI Seabord Rise | Bringing Digital Flexibility To The Piano


The future of keyboards is here and in its democratized form! The Roli Seaboard Rise Keyboard is a keywave playing surface with tremendous potential. It’s similar to the company’s previous release, the Seaboard Grand, but it has fewer keys, more controls and a lower price. It’s a 25-note USB keyboard controller and synthesizer with a …

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Falling Marbles Music Machine

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The artist Martin Molin, a member of Swedish musical act Wintergatan, designed and crafted by hand the stunning Musical Marble Machine that uses 2,000 metal balls to play a tune. What’s also impressive is that the entire machine is made out of 3,000 components. It took the artist over two years to finish crafting it. So, how does …

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Mighty | Stream Music Without Your Phone

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Mighty is a new product currently funded on Kickstarter that enables you to stream music without having to carry your smartphone with you. This small device is portable, durable and very lightweight. It has Bluetooth and WiFi, it’s sweatproof and water-resistant and you can pair it with your iPhone or Android to stream music without internet connection …

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SubPac M2 | Wearable Audio System


Taking your music with you wherever you go is a completely normal thing these days, and thanks to advancing technology, the sound on portable devices is just getting better and better. However, there are no such headphones or gadgets like the SubPac M2. This wearable gadget is created to give you the best possible audio …

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TMA-2 Modular Headphone System


There are some great headphone companies out there, such as JVC, AKG, Sony or Shure, and they are creating some great and exciting stuff. But, have you ever wanted to design your own headphones? Well, TMA-2 Modular Headphone by AIAIAI will allow you exactly that. Too often when people buy headphones they are not satisfied …

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