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There can be a million things that can be said about music. The German Philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche is quoted as saying, “Without music, life would be a mistake.” Of course, he was completely correct. Music is an art form that puts us in touch with a deeper, more integral and primal part of ourselves and as a musician, it is a sublime form of self-expression. Well, Mogees understood this and created a device that literally transforms your world into an instrument.

Mogees opens up an entirely new way of not only discovering the world around but also allows you a new way to creatively express yourself. By utilizing a vibration sensor, you simply stick the Mogees to any object, connect it to your smartphone and tap, scratch, strike, hit whatever object your Mogees is connected to and you’ll get different notes and sounds. It does this by intelligently distinguishing the differences in vibration. This means that you can play trees, rocks, glasses, walls and anything else that you can think of. It also allows you to record your own gestures so that you can form your own style.

Recording Music With Mogees

With Mogees you can record almost any sound and play on anything you can think of.

At the moment, the Mogees app has 4 different sound engines (with more being released soon), these sound engines are “Muon” that acts as a synthesizer, “Interpol808” which is a classic drum machine, “Foxtrot” a groovy electro-drum machine and “Blue Steel” that emulates steel strings. However, you can connect the Mogees to your PC or Mac and upload your own MIDI tracks as well as use it as a MIDI Controller. This allows you the freedom to come alive and play absolutely anything and everything.

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Using Mogees

It’s easy to connect it to your PC or laptop, but you can also use the Mogees app.

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