ROLI Seabord Rise | Bringing Digital Flexibility To The Piano


The future of keyboards is here and in its democratized form! The Roli Seaboard Rise Keyboard is a keywave playing surface with tremendous potential. It’s similar to the company’s previous release, the Seaboard Grand, but it has fewer keys, more controls and a lower price. It’s a 25-note USB keyboard controller and synthesizer with a squishy playing surface. A bigger version comes with 49 keys. The ultra-sensitive surface offers polyphonic pitch bend and aftertouch. It has one pedal input and comes with an Equator software instrument for Mac. It will feel like an entirely new instrument as it opens your eyes to all five dimensions of touch: strike, pressure, glide, slide, and lift.

The Roli Seaboard Rise is a controller that allows you to slide notes, add vibrato and make tonal changes note by note thanks to the Equator software synthesizer or you can use other software instruments of your choice. Make your performance more dynamic and add some depth. The device works on batteries and is Bluetooth enabled. The playing surface is smooth and soft and the 25 molded keywaves very much resemble a classic piano keyboard. The sensitivity is very high and it’s adjustable so you can even play a note barely touching the surface.

Roli Seaboard Rise, front view, on a white background.

Roli Seaboard Rise is a 25-key USB controller and synthesizer with a soft playing surface

Of course, the feeling of playing on it is a little different but it’s a change for the better so you’ll adapt quickly and easily. You’ll be digging into chords and wiggling notes in no time. The expressive potential of the Roli Seaboard Rise is much bigger than that of a traditional keyboard. For example, with this device, you can strike a chord and bend the pitch of a single note or you can add a little extra pressure for modulation while all the other notes will stay unaffected. Make sure to watch the video below.

Roli Seaboard Rise laid on a wooden table, played with two hands.

The Seaboard Rise has molded keywaves which allow you to slid from one to another just like a ribbon controller

The Keywaves of the Seaboard Rise flow together and the flat area in front of them allows you to slide between them just like a ribbon controller. This USB keyboard controller also has an embedded processor for standalone use, it supports MIDI via Bluetooth, and it’s rugged with all-metal construction. To get the most out of the expressive capabilities, use the Equator software synthesizer that was designed specifically for this purpose. You can also choose from hundreds of presets using the SoundDial on the controller to get you started.

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Roli Seaboard Rise, tilted side view, on a white background.

This amazing keyboard offers polyphonic pitch bend and aftertouch and you can also add effects such as vibrato to a single note

Roli Seaboard Rise on a wooden table with a laptop and headphones and a guitar and music production equipment in the background.

The Seaboard Rise is Bluetooth enabled, works on batteries, and it comes with the Equator software synthesizer so you can use all the expressive potential of the device

Check out the video below for a close look:

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