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Mighty is a new product currently funded on Kickstarter that enables you to stream music without having to carry your smartphone with you. This small device is portable, durable and very lightweight. It has Bluetooth and WiFi, it’s sweatproof and water-resistant and you can pair it with your iPhone or Android to stream music without internet connection for as long as 48 hours.

Mighty was developed as an alternative to smartphones, when it comes to listening to music. Phones can be expensive and bulky and often the screen gets cracked, especially if you want to take them with you while exercising.  Apps that enable you to stream music, like Spotify, require memory and they drain the battery before you know it. On the other hand, iPod Shuffle and Nano are great for playing music but they can’t stream it.

Mighty Player Green And Grey

Mighty is a small, durable device that has Bluetooth and WiFi and will allow you to stream music easily.

Mighty Player Smartphone App

To use it, just connect it with a smartphone app, sync music and you’re good to go.

To use Mighty, just open the app on your phone, sync your music and you can leave your phone and go. You can always come back to the phone and sync more music. Since Mighty has no screen, the phone can also be used as a Bluetooth remote control. This device has 500MB of RAM and 2GB worth of flash storage.

Mighty Player On A Backpack

Connect headphones or speakers to it and listen to music for five hours. When Mighty is in standby mode it can last a 100 hours.

The buttons on the device will enable you to play, pause, skip songs, set the volume and scroll through playlists. When fully charged, Mighty can last around five hours and on standby for a 100 hours. The plan is to improve battery life and achieve 10+ hours of playback by updating the software. You can connect it to headphones or speakers and clip it on any part of your clothes. [via]

Mighty Player On A Sleeve

You can clip Mighty to any part of clothing. This is especially useful when you’re active.

Check out this video to see Mighty in action. 

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