If you fancy the idea of being a modern-day orchestra director and orchestrating the performance of your best-loved playlists all on your own, you’ll certainly like the iRing, the latest product released by music technology company IK Mutimedia. A motion-controlled set of uniquely shaped rings, iRing lets you control your playback and add effects to your favorite music by a simple wave of your hands.

Thanks to its iOS device compatibility, iRing can be used to control music playback on your computer without even touching it, simply by using different hand gestures and movements in front of the device to create audio effects and adjust parameters in the track reproduction. The iRing set includes two iRings made of hard plastic, each of them sporting a dual-sided design, with three dots aligned linearly on one side and another three dots arranged in a triangular pattern on the other side. And it works like a charm too – the iRing uses the iOS device camera, advanced image-recognition and precise geometric positioning algorithms to track your hand movements in 3D, allowing you to control up to six parameters at a time within two feet of range from the front-facing camera (or some five feet with rear camera).

The set of iRings comes in the package with two different applications, the iRing Music Maker (app for casual users who just want to have fun with their music and create real-time grooves and effects) and iRing FX/Controller (a control interface used for processing advanced audio effects, which can also function as a MIDI controller with fully customizable parameters), but it’s also compatible with DJ Rig and Groovemaker 2 so all you have to do is choose your favorite music app, put your iRing on and express your creativity by hand movements.

So if you ever imagined yourself as a famous music composer, orchestra director or a self-made DJ, now is the time to make that dream come true – the iRing will get the most out of your dance grooves and let you make some music effect magic in a snap of a finger. Check it out – and put an iRing on it! [via]

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