“Worry less. Adventure more.” This is an excellent piece of advice for just about anything in life, but, in this case, the motto applies to WhistleGPS, the smallest and the most affordable pet location and activity monitor on the market. It will give you a piece of mind along with the precise data about your dog’s location, activities and health situation, all available on your smartphone.

Although the first version of WhistleGPS provided dog owners with the information about dog’s activities and health statistics, it did not have a location-tracking function. The latest version of this incredibly useful and versatile device uses both GPS and sub-GHz technology to locate the dog. For you who are not familiar with the sub-GHz technology, here’s a quick explanation – sub-GHz technology is based on wireless connectivity and provides a long-range performance, and fantastic propagation, while, at the same time, ensuring a longer battery life.


Ben Jacobs, CEO of San Francisco-based company Whistle, which produces this tracking device, explains the idea behind WhistleGPS: “Until now, GPS devices on the market simply didn’t make sense for most dog owners. Subscription costs are high, battery life is short, and products are too big for most breeds to even wear. ”

WhistleGPS weighs only 16gr (one third of the size of other similar locators on the market), and it attaches to a dog’s collar. Not only that, its battery life is twice longer than in other dog trackers, and it can go up to a week without the need to recharge it. watch video below

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Whistle dog gps

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