Having problems with your hyperactive kids or pets that keep running out of sight and getting lost? Well, that’s why Trax will certainly make your life a whole lot easier. One of the smallest yet technologically most advanced personal GPS trackers currently available on the market, Trax allows you to locate your loved ones through a mobile application or computer.

Apart from its minimalist size and weight, one of Trax’s biggest pros is its free Android- and iOS- compatible application which is highly intuitive, extremely accurate and above all easy to use.

Once you have set up the Trax app on your smartphone, tablet or computer, you’re just one click away from locating your target on the map in real time with the amazing accuracy of up to three meters. On top of that, the device allows you to create four types of GeoFences which send alerts to your phone by notification or SMS every time the wearer crosses the designated safe zone boundaries. In case orientation skills are not your forte, Trax helps you locate your target by means of the augmented reality interface using the phone’s camera viewfinder to show you in real time the direction the wearer is headed, which will certainly come in handy when in a hurry, panic-stricken or on unfamiliar grounds.

Trax gps tracker

The Trax sensor also provides indoor navigation where GPS doesn’t work and speed tracker which alerts you if the wearer’s pace exceeds the set speed limit. The device comes with a built-in SIM card which lets you use Trax with two years of free data and roaming in more than 30 countries without extra charges. The battery promises up to four days of active use and you can easily recharge it via microUSB cable.

The gadget is enclosed in a waterproof silicone case capable of withstanding drops, accidental washing machine trips, water, mud, heat, dust, snow, and other environmental factors. Due to its small size and weight, it can be unobtrusively attached to buckles, collars or belt loops using the built-in clip.

So, if losing your playful child or pet is a major concern for you, Trax may well be your next nerve-saving device. watch video below

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