Yepzon is a small GPS and Bluetooth locator device that uses an app to connect to your smartphone or tablet and enables you to locate people, pets and different valuables. This can be very helpful when dealing with kids and people with memory disorder.  You can use it to always know the location of your pet, in case it gets lost, or even your car and precious belongings.

Girl and dog in the field wearing GPS locator

This device is perfect when you want to know where your kids and pets are.

It works with GSM network and has no distance limitations at all. You get it with a strap, so it is easy to attach it. This device can be worn around the neck, or placed with belongings.  It is completely waterproof and weighs a ridiculous 1.6oz. The device works with Windows and iOS, can be paired with Bluetooth, but also has embedded NFC technology.

Older lady sitting on a porch with a dog wearing GPS location device

Yepzon can be helpful if your loved ones have any kind of memory disorder.

The device has no buttons on it, so it can’t be turned off by an accident. If it senses any movement, it activates on its own.  It can run for about a week and it can use the app to notify you when it needs recharging. It takes about 2 hours to fully charge it and uses a micro-USB to do so. Yepzon does not collect or store any personal information and data, and you can share the user rights just with the people you want.

Yepzon GPS Locator placed inside a car

If you want to know where your car is, just place the device somewhere inside it and always know its location.

You can get Yepzon App for free, and it is very easy to manage it. You can choose Active Mode or Sleep Mode, and that can impact the battery duration. Basically, the only difference between two modes is in different update intervals.  So for example, if there is no motion for 20 minutes, it goes to Sleep Mode and updates the location every 6 hours. For Active Mode, it updates the location every 5 minutes. The app also gives you the option to set update intervals of your choosing.

Get it from Amazon here.

Check out this Yepzon video and see how it works.

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