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Best Hiking GPS | How To Find Your Way In The Middle Of Nowhere

If you’re an avid backpacker or hiker, finding your way to your destination is very important. Hiking in the woods, even for seasoned veterans, can be challenging since it can be easy to get lost even after just a few meters in. In the old days, hikers and backpackers used maps or their memory to …

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OMATA One | Analog GPS Speedometer


We have something cool for bike lovers that have a preference for the old fashion. OMATA One is the GPS Speedometer that will show the necessary information in an analog way. If you don’t understand why such a modern technology like GPS would be displayed in an analog way, you should know it’s like that because it’s easier to …

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Yepzon is a small GPS and Bluetooth locator device that uses an app to connect to your smartphone or tablet and enables you to locate people, pets and different valuables. This can be very helpful when dealing with kids and people with memory disorder.  You can use it to always know the location of your …

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“Worry less. Adventure more.” This is an excellent piece of advice for just about anything in life, but, in this case, the motto applies to WhistleGPS, the smallest and the most affordable pet location and activity monitor on the market. It will give you a piece of mind along with the precise data about your …

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StickR TrackR is an amazing little thing that will be most useful to forgetful people or those who are simply too busy to keep track of their items. Namely, this is a GPS tracker, made by guys from Phone Halo which can be placed almost everywhere, since it is really small. It comes with a …

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Having problems with your hyperactive kids or pets that keep running out of sight and getting lost? Well, that’s why Trax will certainly make your life a whole lot easier. One of the smallest yet technologically most advanced personal GPS trackers currently available on the market, Trax allows you to locate your loved ones through …

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