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If you have a pet, the chances are that you have struggled to train it, they’ve been lost before, or you have forgotten to give them medication and care. Well, there are a variety of technological aids for these purposes, but there isn’t a single solution to overall pet care and training. That is, until now, with the Scollar Mini!

Pre-order from Kickstarter here.

Designed to be the future for you and your pet, the Scollar Mini is built on an open expandable hardware and software platform.

Blue and red Scollar Mini models on a table

Designed to look stylish, and timeless, the Scollar Mini is one of the most advanced pet collars on the market today. The expandable hardware and software platforms makes the possibilities endless.

The Scollar Mini is the comprehensive solution for you and your pet. Its functions include pet tracking, training, health monitoring, food dispensing, pet door opening, communicating, anti-bark reminding, perimeter barriers, and activity monitoring. It also includes a GPS tracking system with no monthly fees. Your pet will never be lost again! Check out the video below.

Scollar Mini features

The Scollar Mini comes with a variety of features that aid you and in your pet in its progress.

In addition, the Scollar Mini comes in an easy to use, and timeless design, that looks amazing on both dogs and cats. Being as technologically advanced as it is, it comes with a tappable screen that allows you to view various bits of information, such as medication times, feeding times, tick/flea reminders, and a variety of others.

Man inserting a module into the Scollar Mini for the barrier disc. Someone connecting their mobile to the Scollar Mini

By inserting modules into the collar, you can achieve a variety of results. Such as the barrier disc that deters your pet with buzzing. The Scollar Mini is also designed to be intuitive and automatically connects to your smartphone. This way, you can always keep track of your pet.

In the case of barrier reminders, you can simply install the module into your pet’s collar, and then use discs as a barrier. When your pet approaches the barrier, the Scollar will buzz to deter them away. However, these are only its starting functions, and there is still so much more to come.

The Scollar comes with a battery that has a 30-day lifespan, and can be easily charged with the detachable charging block while it is still on your pet.

Pre-order from Kickstarter here.

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