If you are a fan of table tennis and always wanted to own a full-sized table but never had enough space in your home, then we have the perfect thing for you. The Viper Portable Table Tennis Top is the perfect solution to this problem as it offers the same advantages of owning your table but without need to worry about where to place it. This portable table measures 84”  x 42”  x 1/4″, and that makes it easily placed on dining room tables, kitchen islands, pool tables, table saw platforms or just about any other table large enough to support its size. The setup from its folded form is quite simple because after unpacking it, you will need only a few seconds to set it up. The package includes 2 rackets, a set of table tennis balls, a net and a carrying case so you can carry it around with you.

Viper Portable Table Tennis use

Place it on any surface which can support its size and have fun

The net comes with posts which clip to the board and do not damage the surface on which the table is placed on. The table, although quite light, is a sturdy engineered wood construction which you can move from place to place with absolute ease.

Viper Portable Table Tennis carrier case

You will also get a carrier case which will make it easier to carry it around

You might think that this is the end to what this table has to offer, but it has even more. By simply flipping the table, you will expose its checkers and backgammon boards so you can have fun with people who aren’t particularly crazy about ping-pong. Of course, the table includes the pieces necessary to play these board games. With the Viper Portable Table Tennis Top you can have hours of fun playing you favorite games.

Get it from Amazon here.

Viper Portable Table Tennis Top checkers board

Flip the board and play checkers or backgammon

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