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In situations when you are camping and finding a heat source becomes a challenge, you will be glad to own a Cando, a heater, hotplate and fondue in one. You probably think that something small as this cannot provide you with sufficient heat for anything, but you are mistaken. Even though it is not powered by electricity or gas, this beautifully designed heater can warm up most of your food and beverages by using only 4 simple tea-light candles. This gives it quite a cost effective nature and provides you with an item that is both multifunctional and looks great in your home. The secret behind its way of warming up itself and the area around it lies in the structure of the ceramic used in its making. It allows for heat to be evenly spread throughout the outer parts of the heater and the iron plate on top connected to the heat source (the candles) by an iron axis. It is also very safe to use, as the candle niches are deep enough to keep them in place even if you happen to use a Cando on a boat.

Cando full package

The Cando full package includes the heater, hotplate and fondue

We have said that the Cando heater is multifunctional and apart from heating a room and food/drinks, you can use it as a aromatherapy oil diffuser by simply pouring a few drops of your favorite essential oil on the heater and letting it vaporize. We have also mentioned that the Cando can be used as a hotplate and fondue. These applications require you to opt for a different package than the basic one as it does not include the necessary parts.

Cando base

The Cando is powered by 4 tea-light canldes

By removing the heater and placing the hotplate on the base you can warm up some food, or simply serve food directly on it so it can stay warm throughout the entire meal. The fondue package is used in the same manner, just place it over the base which holds the candles and enjoy a night of fun-due with your guests.

How Cando works

This image illustrates how heat is distributed along the Cando heater

The aforementioned packages vary in price and items you receive upon purchasing a Cando. You can opt for the basic one which includes just the heater, for a little bit more money you can get the heater+hotplate or the heater+fondue and the last and best package includes all three (heater, hotplate and fondue). The creators also offer a fifth package which includes six full sets of Cando, which is perfect if you have upcoming birthdays or weddings as the Cando makes from an amazing present. The Cando is currently undergoing a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, and if you would like to own one of these packages of simply support the project, then check out their Kickstarter page.

Cando structure

The structure of the Cando heater

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