Ping Meets Pong is a whole new idea based on the old game. It is a proper table tennis table with several new and pretty fun features.

The Ping Meets Pong has an unconventionally round tabletop and a spinning net. Just these two features are enough to make give the table additional fun factor, but that’s not all. The table is large enough to accommodate far more than 2 players and the spinning net gives additional difficulty that even allows you to come up with special set of rules of your own, as well as battle to stay on your side.

However, it’s not all fun and play. The construction and size allow you to use the Ping Meets Pong Table as a conference table when you remove the net. Additional functionality stems from the mechanism which turns the net. It allows you to attach a lazy susan which is included in the package and use it as a modern dining table.

Speaking of size, the Ping Meets Pong has the diameter of 200cm and height of 75cm, which is said to be enough to fit up to 12 people for a conference meeting, while this many table tennis players would definitely be too many.

Ping meets Pong table

Circular ping pong table

Circular ping pong table

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