Coconut Ping-Pong Paddle


If you are a professional table tennis player or just a ping pong enthusiast, you’ll definitely dig this new, weirdly designed table tennis paddle. Coconut Ping-Pong Paddle has a regular sized head and a pretty unconventional handle that will supposedly provide you with a more natural and comfortable grip. Made completely out of bamboo, this racket will definitely be a great conversation starter when you take it out of the bag and start playing. Hopefully, it will upgrade your game too.

At first glance, this handle can look really uncomfortable, and that may be the case with players who are used to traditional grip, but this new design can be a game changer for players who use the pen hold technique. The hole between the handle and the racket head allows those players to put their finger through the hole in order to get a better and more solid grip.

Paddle captured from the front.

This interestingly designed paddle is completely made of bamboo.

Paddle captured on its side.

The handle has a hole that provides the player with much more stable grip.

The mentioned handle is made in a way to accommodate both right and left-handed players. The paddle also comes with a long pimpled rubber, but if that kind of rubber doesn’t fit your style of play, you can easily replace it with a different one. The bamboo reacts well to the glue, so you won’t have any problems with changing the rubbers.

Three paddles captured side by side.

It comes with a long pimpled rubber, but you can always change the rubber if you don’t like it.

The exact dimensions of the coconut ping-pong paddle head are 6 5/8 x 5 7/8 inches. The paddle weighs only 6.7oz (190g) with rubber included and comes with a pair of removable foam inserts located on the handle. These inserts are supposed to provide you with a more comfortable grip during long matches. It’s really hard to tell if this new and innovative design will be a great hit in the table tennis society, but who knows, maybe some players out there will improve their overall performance with this interesting table tennis paddle.

Paddle captured with a ball on the table.

The paddle comes with a pair of removable foam inserts located on the handle.

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