Who says LEGO’s can be outgrown? No one ever did (okay, this might not be correct), and no one ever should. The reason for that is simple, as this block set has let your imagination run wild when you were a kid, you can put it to an excellent use even when you’re all grown up in order to learn things that might seem challenging and overwhelming. The testament to this is the LEGO Architect, a book by Tom Alphin which can help you learn about various styles in architecture in a simple way, by checking out images of buildings which represent these various styles and then building them yourself in the comfort of your home.

How the Book Came To Be

The LEGO Architect LEGO Architecture Studio

Alphin’s 30-day LEGO architecture challenge using the LEGO Architecture Studio made it possible for him to write this amazing book

Tom Alphin, the author of this work, has been an architecture enthusiast during his entire life, but he is not an actual architect. However, his love for architecture has spawned an excellent book which started when he decided to try his hand at a LEGO 30-day architecture challenge using the LEGO Architecture Studio. This LEGO set allowed him to create various real-life buildings and, because he documented the entire ordeal, Alphin ended up with enough material and knowledge to gather it all in a very interesting and educational package.

What Does The LEGO Architect Offer

The LEGO Architect cover

The structure on the cover of the LEGO Architect is the Unité d’Habitation, an apartment building in France

If you share the same interests as Alphin, or if you would like to become an architecture buff, this book will serve as a hands-on guide to various architecture styles, from Neoclassical, Art Deco and Modernism, all the way to Postmodernism. You’ll cover all the important styles and you can try your hand at building any of the structures presented in the book either by yourself, or by using the book as a reference point. The set which is recommended for building these structures is the same one Alphin used in his challenge, the LEGO Architecture Studio. This hardcover book’s pages measure 9 x 9 inches so you can have a clear view of every bit of info and advice given.

The LEGO Architect author

Tom Alphin, author of the LEGO Architect

The LEGO Architect allows you to learn more about architecture in a way which is foolproof when trying to invoke the interest of children, through fun and interaction, and if kids can benefit from this approach, trust us, so can you.

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