Looking for a new timepiece because of functionality is great, but sometimes style is key. This is what the Straton Watch Co.’s Vintage Driver Chrono is all about, looking exceptionally well and making you wanting to have one immediately because of it. Inspired by a Veglia Borletti tachometer found in a 1977 Alfa Romeo Alfetta GT, this watch is going to be appreciated even more by those of you who are racing enthusiasts because this watch fully supports a racing theme thanks to its various straps and face dials (all of which can be chosen by you according to your very own preferences).

 Style and Options

Straton Vintage Driver Chrono basic variations

These are Vintage Driver Chrono’s basic colors, however, its appearance can be changed with several different straps

This stylish watch is available in 5 color variations: black, blue, orange, grey and white, and if this doesn’t appeal to you, you will be glad to know that with whichever of these colors you decide to go for, you will receive a plain color NATO strap and two racing striped NATO straps inspired by classic vehicle racing stripes. This allows you to combine your timepiece with 4 different straps whenever you want. Because this watch is under a crowd-funding campaign on Kickstarter, the Straton Watch Co. offer even more customization; backers will have the option to purchase genuine leather rally straps in three colors: black, grey and orange.

Specs and Mechanism

Straton Vintage Driver Chrono design

The Vintage Driver Chrono and its racing striped NATO straps give you the basic tools to change its appearance

We don’t want you to think that this watch is about just style so we are going to tell a bit about its specs and its Mecha-Quartz mechanism. This moving mechanism was developed by Seiko and it combines the accuracy of a quartz watch with a mechanical chronograph which makes it a reliable and high quality timepiece. As for the case, surgical grade 316L stainless steel for durability with a sapphire crystal which will allow clear visibility of the dial and provide sufficient protection. All of this comes in a slick vintage brown leather carry travel case, which has enough room for all of those straps, so you can switch them out on the go.

Straton Vintage Driver Chrono travel case

All of the straps, and the watch itself, can be carried around in a vintage brown leather carry travel case

One of these Amazing Vintage Driver Chrono watches can rest on your wrist, if you pop to its Kickstarter page and decide to pre-order one. The Straton Watch Co. has made something definitely useful for guys who like to be able to adapt their accessories and make them fit any style they decide to go for.

Check out the Kickstarter promo video of the Vintage Driver Chrono.

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