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Architecture Studio Snøhetta Designs The First Ship Tunnel In The World

If you haven’t heard of The Stad peninsula in Norway, you should know it has a very dangerous coastline. This is why the country’s coastal agency decided to invest in the first tunnel built for ships in the entire world. The initial design is done by an Architecture Studio Snøhetta and it will provide a safe …

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Superhouse | Luxury Through Simplicity


When investing in a home, you’re not just choosing the design of the interior but deciding on your entire lifestyle. This is what Magnus Ström, founder of Ström Architects, had in mind when he started working on the Superhouse. He also had two important questions – the first is “Why couldn’t houses also reach the same heights …

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Director Michael Bay’s Modern Three-Story Los Angeles Villa

The architect Chad Oppenheim designed a stunning three-story house for the director Michael Bay in Los Angeles. Each storey of this hillside house is a separate module stacked one on top of the other on a different angle. The house is located on a 30,000 square feet lot that provides an amazing view of both LA and the Santa Monica mountain …

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Cabin Knapphullet In Norway Constructed In Natural Rock Formation

Norwegian studio Lund Hagem designed Cabin Knapphullet, a beautiful Sandefjord seaside home surrounded by natural rock formations and dense vegetation. The building is quite small, 30 m2, but vertically has three levels- the basement, the ground floor level and the roof. The architects wanted to maximize the use of natural shelter but also to provide a …

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Fahouse | By Jean Verville

We are thrilled to show you another beautiful house nestled in a forest, looking almost like it’s coming from a fairytale. Fahouse is designed by Jean Verville and is located in Quebec, Canada. With its double triangular prism, Fahouse is nothing like a traditional house. From one side it looks like two separate houses and from the other …

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Ansty Plum House

We’re continuing with houses that have unique and cool architectural solutions. Next on our list is the Ansty Plum House. It got its name from a cute village called Ansty in England where it’s located and what’s special about it is that it’s gone through an extensive renovation process. The project was done by Coppin Dockray Architects and later won the …

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Aluminum House | By Fran Silvestre Arquitectos

After featuring two magnificent houses by Fran Silvestre Arquitectos, a cliff house in Spain and House Balint, a minimalistic paradise, we have one more that caught our attention. Aluminum House is located in Madrid, tucked amongst gardens and tall trees. Minimalistic in its structure, this house is covered in highly reflective aluminum. Aluminum House features stone slabs and a …

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Newberg House

Here at jebiga, we love the outdoor lifestyle. Also, as you have probably seen by now, we feature a lot of architecture, especially those structures designed to blend in with the surrounding environment, respecting the nature and maintaining the harmony between the two. Just recently, we covered a house like that, The Rainforest House in …

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Who says LEGO’s can be outgrown? No one ever did (okay, this might not be correct), and no one ever should. The reason for that is simple, as this block set has let your imagination run wild when you were a kid, you can put it to an excellent use even when you’re all grown …

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