We were all once children whose one and only concern was to be full and have fun. And, I am pretty sure that everyone at least once had the opportunity to play with LEGO bricks. Some of us liked them more, others less, and some people never actually stopped loving and playing with them, even as full-grown adults. However, an adult with such an interesting and unusual hobby, probably didn’t stop at making simple cars and trucks, but moved on with more demanding projects that accordingly need a special, more refined touch. Carbon fiber tiles will provide your creations with precisely this polished look you are searching for.

Carbon fiber Lego tiles

One cool dad, Mark Carpenter, and his three little sons are the ones who came to this rather interesting idea. The tiles are manufactured in the United States and are made from 3mm sheets of high gloss carbon fiber. It is possible that there be an 8/1000 inch thickness variation from sheet to sheet, however, in order to secure that all tiles are exactly the same, the manufacturers make sure that they all come from the same sheet. The color of the tiles is black, which makes them more elegant and classic, and the size is 1×2, at least for now.

Carbon fiber Lego tiles

Mark Carpenter did not exclude the possibility of adding 2×2 and 1×4 tiles in high gloss carbon fiber, and of machining tiles from aluminum and stainless steel. However, all this depends on the success of the project, that is, on whether the faithful fans of LEGO world will believe that Carbon fiber tiles deserve to see the light of day, and are willing to back this amazing project. [via]

Lego carbon fiber pieces

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