STABYLIZR | GoPro Camera Stabilizer


Currently on Kickstarter you can see a great project being funded. The name is Stabylizr and what it does is stabilizes your GoPro camera so you can make smooth and steady videos.

Stabylizr will make your action videos look much better. It will also save you time because you don’t have to record the same thing a couple of times in order to get the best shot. Other awesome things about it that it’s 100% waterproof and doesn’t need a battery to work.

Black And White Image Of A Hand Holding STABYLIZR GoPro Camera Stabilizer

Stabylizr will minimize your body movements so your videos can be steady and smooth.

The grip is made from durable soft foam, so it can float and fit comfortably in your hand. Because of its lightweight construction, Stabylizr is highly portable. You can use it as a tripod as well and it’s very easy to set it up and start recording. Just plug in the camera and align it, adjust the balancing nut and you’re good to go.

A Guy Using STABYLIZR GoPro Camera Stabilizer

Stabylizr is completely waterproof, doesn’t require batteries to work and because of the handle, it can float.

Without the camera, Stabylizr weighs just 0.53 lbs and its dimensions are 6.2 x 4.7 x 3 inches. This GoPro Camera Stabilizer is compatible with GoPro Hero and Hero [2,3,3+,4,Session] and other cameras that have the size of GoPro camera. Depending on the pledge, you can get one that has a power grip. This means you just plug in your camera to the handle and it will start charging. The power bar can charge your devices up to two times.

Holding STABYLIZR GoPro Camera Stabilizer

You can get one that has a power grip, so you can easily power your devices on the go, even twice.

If you like what you hear, check out the Kickstarter campaign. The shipping will start in September 2016.

Check out this video and see Stabylizr in action. 

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