Thule’s Legend GoPro Backpack follows the tradition of the rest of Thule’s gear by delivering something which will be extremely useful to GoPro users. This backpack was designed with GoPro mounts already incorporated to both the front and back of the backpack so that you don’t have to mess around with additional mounts and it’s prefect for carrying around multiple GoPro cameras and keeping them safe until you need them. A very high quality backpack, the Legend GoPro Backpack can withstand a lot of punishment and won’t be susceptible to tears.

The Backpack and its Mounts

Legend GoPro Backpack mounts

This backpack features two mounts, both on the front and the back

The backpack itself is quite large and it offers a lot of storage space inside of it, with its main compartment designed for large gear and several smaller ones, like the waist-belt compartments, designed for your smartphone. It comes equipped with two mounts, one set on the back of the backpack so you can shoot the things happening behind you, and one in front, located on its chest harness. The benefits of having a chest harness along with the straps are twofold: they allow for the existence of the mount, and it provides a more secure fit of the backpack which will in turn lead to more stabile videos.

Legend GoPro Backpack crush-proof comptartment

The GoPro compartment is completely crush-proof so that your favorite GoPro gear can remain undamaged

One of the more interesting additions to the main compartent is a section dedicated to keeping a water container inside and a hole on the side of the backpack which you can use to drink water directly from the backpack. This will make it easier to stay hydrated on longer treks while looking for the perfect spot to shoot your videos.

The GoPro Compartment

Legend GoPro Backpack die-cut foam pad

The die-cut foam pad is removable which makes maintenance very easy

The star of this backpack is the padded crush-proof compartment designed specifically for storing GoPro cameras. The exterior part of this compartment is visibly more durable than the rest of the backpack which is an excellent feature as no one would like to break their GoPro. The interior of this compartment is capable of storing up to three GoPro cameras, additional batteries, SD cards and tripods. The entirety of the interior uses a removable die-cut foam pad which is easy to clean and which serves as an excellent shock absorber while keeping your GoPro gear firmly in one place.

The Thule Legend GoPro Backpack is prefect for GoPro enthusiasts who like to make their videos in the great outdoors, as it will keep your gear undamaged no matter what happens, whether you stumble and fall, or something falls on top of your backpack. Once again, Thule designs an excellent accessory which perfectly complements GoPro gear.

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Check out a short presentation of the Legend GoPro Backpack below.

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