How do people get to make those amazing underwater diving shots? The ones where you see both of the hands of the person behind the camera in the footage, we mean. The secret lies in the Diving Goggles with a GoPro Mount. A simple and extremely effective tool used for making the best point-of-view underwater videos ever. These goggles were designed with an action camera mount, but you should know that they aren’t limited to GoPro cameras only. They have a universal mount which makes them usable with the XiaoMi Yi action camera as well.

Diving Goggles with GoPro Mount mount

The mount is compatible not just with GoPro cameras, but with the XiaoMi Yi action camera too

Action camera mount aside, these goggles are very good all on their own. They are equipped with an adjustable soft silicone strap which will make it very easy to set the right size, all the while being pretty comfortable to wear. As for the lens, it was made from 4 mm thick tempered glass, bumping its durability to an excellent level.

Diving Goggles with GoPro Mount lens

These goggles are equipped with a 4 mm thick tempered glass lens

These goggles are a must have for the holiday season because you won’t get better underwater footage any other way. And if you’re going somewhere exotic, all the better, the footage you make with the aid of these goggles will definitely be something worth sharing.

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Diving Goggles with GoPro Mount strap

The Silicone strap is very comfortable and adjustable so you can set your size

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