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GoPro Fusion | New 5.2K Spherical Camera (Video)

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GoPro has become a household name, and is used all over the world by athletes. It is also a crucial piece of gadgetry in extreme sports. Whether you want to capture that awesome skydive, slope ski, or even your free dive. Fact is, if you want to record it, you’re going to need a GoPro. …

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GoPro’s First Drone | The Karma Camera Quadcopter


After much rumoured speculation and with a slight delay, with the announcement of the Hero5 and Hero5 Session, GoPro also announced their very own Karma Camera Drone. Designed to be taken with you anywhere, the Karma does deliver. Essentially, the Karma is an ultra-compact foldable quadcopter. It only weighs 35.5 ounces and comes with a …

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GoPro Hero5 Black and Session | Waterproof Cameras With GPS


Since 2014, with the release of the Hero4, we have awaited the latest release of GoPro’s flagship camera and it’s finally here. The GoPro Hero5, and its smaller brother, the Hero5 Session, was announced yesterday! Needless to say, we have waited quite a while for this release but it has been so worth it! Simply …

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STABYLIZR | GoPro Camera Stabilizer


Currently on Kickstarter you can see a great project being funded. The name is Stabylizr and what it does is stabilizes your GoPro camera so you can make smooth and steady videos. Stabylizr will make your action videos look much better. It will also save you time because you don’t have to record the same …

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Removu P1 GoPro Live Viewer


If you’re one of the people who have adopted the GoPro technology for sharing your exclusive footage with the world, you’ll love the Removu P1 GoPro Live Viewer. This handy device connects with your GoPro LCD Backpack via Wi-Fi and allows you to control the GoPro functions and view live footage right on your wrist. …

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Telesin GoPro Underwater Dome Port


Telesin GoPro Underwater Dome Port is a great option for capturing photos under and over the water. It’s especially good for making 50/50 photos. To make these very unique photographs you place the half of it underwater and half out of the water, with the water line right in the middle. The Dome Port is completely …

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For all you adventurist photographers out there, who always have a problem of where to carry your GoPro camera, there is finally a solution for you. The Trekcase Weather Resistant Roll-Up Case for GoPro Cameras is everything you need in one product, and you will never need another camera case. The case that we are …

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Thule’s Legend GoPro Backpack follows the tradition of the rest of Thule’s gear by delivering something which will be extremely useful to GoPro users. This backpack was designed with GoPro mounts already incorporated to both the front and back of the backpack so that you don’t have to mess around with additional mounts and it’s …

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How do people get to make those amazing underwater diving shots? The ones where you see both of the hands of the person behind the camera in the footage, we mean. The secret lies in the Diving Goggles with a GoPro Mount. A simple and extremely effective tool used for making the best point-of-view underwater …

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GoPro has announced something that every athlete who uses their gear to shoot spectacular videos will appreciate very much, the GoPro licensing portal. This portal will allow its subscribers to earn a few bucks off of their footage. This platform could be an excellent way of allowing content creators to reap the rewards of their …

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