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SENS is a reinvented pen that looks very elegant and simple. This minimalistic pen consists of just two parts and it’s designed for “thinkers, solvers, and creators – for those who are changing this world”. SENS is not just a good-looking pen, it provides you with smooth writing, comfort and steadiness.

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SENS is CNC-machined from anodized aircraft aluminum that makes it light and durable. It weighs 1 oz and it’s 5,35 inch long. The subtle teardrop shape is quite beautiful and it makes this pen perfectly balanced. The pen won’t slip, but fit right into the hand, for comfortable writing.

Silver SENS Pen

SENS is an elegant, simple, reinvented pen that provides smooth writing.

SENS is made from two solid metal parts, refill and spring, and uses a twisting mechanism. After 9 months of developing this pen, Schmidt P8126 capless roller ball refill (0,6 mm) was the best choice for it since it combined elegant writing of a fountain pen with the convenience of a ballpoint pen. In case you need to refill, don’t worry, the pen is suitable with any Parker-style G2 refill.

Gold SENS Pen On A Notebook With Writings On It

SENS uses Schmidt P8126 capless roller ball refill.

Four Colors Of SENS Pen

The pen is available in four colors.

SENS pen comes in four colors- silver, gold, space grey and black. You can always personalize it a bit by choosing the cap of a different color. Verge, the company that created SENS, focused on the packaging as well. There are maple and walnut pen stands available, that are just as elegant and minimalistic as the pen itself.

Two SENS Pens On A Wooden Stand

Maple and walnut pen stands.

SENS Pen Leather Sleeve

Leather sleeves come in different colors and keep the pen secured.

SENS pen has one more option for packing- a vegetable tanned leather sleeve. It will make sure the pen is well protected and you can get it in four colors- beige, red, brown and black.

Pre-order from Kickstarter here

Check out this video to see how SENS was created. 

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