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SENS | The Most Minimalistic Pen


SENS is a reinvented pen that looks very elegant and simple. This minimalistic pen consists of just two parts and it’s designed for “thinkers, solvers, and creators – for those who are changing this world”. SENS is not just a good-looking pen, it provides you with smooth writing, comfort and steadiness. Pre-order from Kickstarter here.  …

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Grafton EDC Pen | By Everyman

from $25|

Every one of us has at some point had “the perfect pen”. The pen you just enjoyed so much, but it wasn’t refillable so you had to move on to the next pen. The next one didn’t have a nice grip or it wasn’t writing so smoothly, and around and around you go. Even in …

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In the modern-day touch screen obsessed world, traditional writing utensils seem to be losing their popularity fast and ceding their place on the writing tool market to touch-capacitive displays and stylus pens. But still, there’s that unique quaint feel to holding a reliable pen that no LCD, smart screen or tactile sensitive display can ever …

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