Siemens Versicharge 30


With 4.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon, who can contest the quality of the well-known household name that is Siemens? The Versicharge 30 is a level 2 EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment) that is completely adjustable dependent on your needs; with a 30 Amp/240V output and adjustable between 1.8kW to 7.2kW, you can charge your electric vehicle as you’d like.

However, being a level 2 charger with a maximum output of 7.2kW means that the Versicharge will completely recharge most electric vehicles in less than 3.5 hours. The Versicharge also has an in-built delay setting that you can program to start charging from 2 to 8 hours (depending on peak usage times) and it features a bright LED that you can see from across the garage which tells you how far your EV is in the charging process.

Siemens Versicharge 30 On A Wall

Siemens Versicharge 30 can charge most electric vehicles in less than 3.5 hours

This unit has been designed for indoor use only and needs to be installed by an electrician, however, Siemens made it simpler by incorporating a system which allows you to either back-feed the hardwire installation or to feed it from the bottom.

The Versicharge comes with a 14-foot power cord that should be ample to reach your EV in the garage and has an integrated power cord storage space on the unit when your charger is not in use. You know that you cannot go wrong with a quality name like Siemens.

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