Architects, illustrators and designers know all too well the troubles caused by pens made from cheap materials because they end up having a rather limited shelf life. This is precisely why design and art studio CW&T decided to create a pen which will last so long even your grandchildren will be able to use it. Their pen is called Pen Type A and it was made with simplicity and durability in mind. This pen works with Hi-Tec-C ink cartridges which are usually employed by Hi-Tec-C pens. The creators of the Pen Type A thought that these amazing cartridges deserve a better housing and it doesn’t get better than solid steel.

Pen Type A Features

Pen Type A material

Both pieces of this pen are machined out of solid stainless steel

All of the parts of the Pen Type A are machined out of solid stainless steel and the pen itself has no engravings and no notches, grooves and grips to tell you where to hold it. Just a smooth and minimalist steel surface. The pen comes with a sleeve which was laser engraved with imperial and metric ruler markings. The sharp edges of the sleeve will allow you to draw perfectly straight lines.

Locking Mechanism and Refill

Pen Type A

The Pen Type A’s sleeve has laser engraved ruler markings

Even though there are no mechanical or moving parts incorporated in this pen, it still has a fully functioning locking system for when you insert the pen into the sleeve. All you have to do is drop the pen into the sleeve and let it move down slowly and after giving it one last nudge, the pen will lock in place. This locking mechanism is a result of high tolerances between the pen and the sleeve which create a pneumatic seal. It’s because of this that the pen produces a popping sound when removed from the sleeve. As for the refill process, it’s very simple. All you have to do is unscrew the back end of the pen with a coin and that’s it.

Pen Type A locking mechanism

A pneumatic seal prevents the pen from dropping out of the sleeve

Designs which are led by simplicity and functionality tend to be more favorable and this is the case with the Pen Type A. Because it has no excessive details and moving parts and is made from a very durable material, you probably could leave it for your grandchildren to use one day.

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Check out how the locking mechanism of Pen Type A works.

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