Rugged Apple Watch Case | By Spigen


Recently we talked about the elegant wristbands for Apple Watch that will improve your style and enhance the great design of your smartwatch. The Apple Watch is an expensive toy and you need to keep it safe and sound in order to last longer and to work properly. The Rugged Armor Apple Watch case by Spigen offers the protection you need if you want to keep your watch safe from any kind of damage out there. This watch case is resilient and able to withstand difficult conditions due to its flexibility and strength.

Rugged Apple Watch Case

Keep your Apple Watch safe with Rugged Apple Watch.

This amazing case is available in two sizes, 38mm, and 48mm. The smaller case is $12.99 and the bigger one is one dollar more, $13.99. You can get it in two different colors as well, black and white. Price is the same for both colors. The Rugged Armor comes with two screen protectors that will keep your screen safe from scratches. The rubber armor itself is shock-resistant, and it will prevent any damage if you drop it or accidentally bump it somewhere.

Rugged Apple Watch Case black and white

It comes in two sizes, in black and white.

With a sporty but elegant design, this case doesn’t look too bulky, considering its purpose and name – Rugged. Quite the contrary, it looks really subtle but powerful. You can combine it with literally every outfit and it won’t stand out. The Rugged Armor Apple Watch case by Spigen hits the sweet spot between the sporty and sophisticated to create a tasteful but mighty case for your beloved wrist gadget.

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Rugged Apple Watch Case

Subtle but powerful – Rugged Apple Watch Case by Spigen.

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