There has been some speculation as to whether Apple would jump on the smartwatch bandwagon along with the likes of Motorola, Sony and Samsung for a while now and give us their version of the little wrist work of wonder aptly named the iWatch. A couple of months ago those speculations were fired up when it was announced that Apple had extended the company trademark in numerous markets by protecting the Class 14 devices which include precious metals, stones and various products made of those materials which include, you’ve guessed it, watches.

In my opinion, all the speculation was unnecessary. Did anyone really think that Apple was about to leave this part of the market to its competitors completely? A device which improves functionality AND serves as a prominent design statement and style accessory? No way, we all should have known that the iWatch was coming.

And it is. It’s to be presented in September and, although there isn’t much official info from Apple, rumor has it that there might be three different versions, mainly differing in sizes. The smallest one’s display should be 1.6”, the second one’s 1.8” and, for all of you with bodybuilder’s wrists, there should be a 2.5” model as well. The last model is rumored to be scheduled to appear later and depending on the success of the previous two models. Sapphire display is also a rumor.

The iWatch will, of course, be able to connect with your iPhone or iPad and stream information from those devices. Without taking out your iPhone or iPad, you will be able to see your messages, emails and use various somewhat simplified and adapted social networks apps. Of course, you will be able to access Siri with it, which will greatly improve the iWatch’s functionality and present serious task for the competitors. [via]

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