You have an enduro, or even a cross motorcycle? You feel right at home on an unbeaten track? And you feel confident on your off-road bike? Nice, but Russian Taurus 2×2 motorcycle is something you need to have a look at.

The 2×2 drive system and unusually large tires allow even the less experienced riders to cross the most difficult of terrains. Additional perk is the fact that its weight varies from 47 to 74 kilograms, so even the surfaces that are literally impassable, even for a vehicle that is this able, can be covered simply by carrying the motorcycle over. Now, that is just great.

All-Terrain motorcycle from Russia

Taurus 2M

There will be two different versions available. The first one is called the Taurus 2 and the second one is the Taurus 2M. The Taurus 2 is lighter and it has low-pressure tires, while the Taurus 2M packs more weight, but also more power and more heavy-duty tires. Check out the Taurus in action in the videos below.

Taurus 2x2 all-terrain motorcycle

The Taurus 2 can be disassembled in a short time

Whichever option you choose, you will get a three-speed transmission, top speed of 37mph and fuel efficiency of 1.2l/hour. The turning angle is 55 degrees. The transportation of the bike and its storage have been made easy by the option of easy disassembling which allows you to store the bike in two bags and fit them in pretty much any car out there.

The good news don’t end there. Although the Taurus is still a concept, the price is already known and it should be just under $980. Don’t forget to ride safe and always wear a helmet. [via]

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Russian all-terrain motorcycle

Large tires allow the Taurus not to sink on its own

Russian all-terrain motorcycle

The light weight of this motorcycle allows you to simply carry it over impassable terrain

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