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CMRA Camera Band For Apple Watch


Here’s a little something that will improve the Apple Watch. CMRA Camera Band allows you to take HD photos and videos with your watch by featuring not just one, but two cameras. This smart band was created by two guys- one is Ari Roisman, the founder of video messaging company Glide and Shawn Grening, one of the people who developed the …

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Lunatik Epik H2O | A Waterproof Polycarbonate Apple Watch Case


With the invention of smartphone watches, we were presented with a new and spectacular way to interact with our smartphones. Now messages, calls, notifications, emails and other relative information is no further away than your wrist. However, they faced a major problem; they are susceptible to both water and hard knocks. Fortunately, the Lunatik Epik …

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Rugged Apple Watch Case | By Spigen


Recently we talked about the elegant wristbands for Apple Watch that will improve your style and enhance the great design of your smartwatch. The Apple Watch is an expensive toy and you need to keep it safe and sound in order to last longer and to work properly. The Rugged Armor Apple Watch case by …

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Bluestein Milanaise Wrist Band for Apple Watch


Not that long ago Apple amazed the whole world with their “Apple Watch” which has an amazing span of incredible features. It’s cool, it’s fast, it’s beautifully designed, but all that is “just” the main part of the watch. Apple didn’t do much as far as wristbands are concerned. They made it very simple, focusing …

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As the release of the Apple Watch grows near, various developers have started showing what they have in store for this device. Eleks, a software development company, has unveiled the Tesla app for Apple Watch which will allow you to control various features of your Tesla Models S. Most of us might find Tesla Motors …

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