Daydreaming about spending your holiday at  a unique secluded getaway with a private pool and amazing island views all around, where you can take refuge from the havoc of the modern city life? Well, Mirage House will definitely be your cup of tea – located on Tinos, the third largest island of the Cyclades formation, the resort is designed as an ‘invisible oasis’ of a kind where tourists can enjoy maximum privacy and panoramic seascapes stretching over the Aegean Sea.

Conceived by Kois Associated Architects team, Mirage House will be a single-storey building standing on the natural plateau on the rocky coastline, with dry stone walls built from local materials framing the entrance to the building, which is highly evocative of the traditional building patterns on the beautiful Greek island. Rammed-earth walls will be put up around the back of the building, while the island vegetation will ensure optimum thermal regulation and a fresh interior setting. Rising from the steep sloped cavernous landscape and overlooking the Aegean seascape, Mirage House will be well-protected from the seaborne winds and will provide amazing panoramic views of the landscape.

The house will have three bedrooms, a separate kitchen area and a spacious outdoor living room at the front, while an infinity pool will cover the rooftop, acting like a huge mirror and functioning as ideal thermal insulation and protection from heat transmittance and solar radiation. The rimless rooftop pool will create the visual effect of the water stretching to the horizon and merging with the sea-line. The team came up with this original design as a response for the clients’ demand for privacy and invisibility, with an intention to achieve a distinctive camouflaging effect by mimicking the landscape components. “The visual effect of the mirroring of the pool in combination with the concept of invisibility brought to mind the visual phenomenon of the mirage, from which the project was named,” project architect Nikos Patsiaouras said.

House with infinity pool on the roof

Covering some 198 square meters, Mirage House is designed to completely blend in with the surroundings and preserve the spirit of the local architecture while offering a comfortable stay to tourists. Situated on Tinos, also known as the Island of Madonna, Mirage House is a perfect destination for all those who love the sightseeing tours as the island is crowded with a number of picturesque villages marked by untouched architecture and breath-taking scenery. During their stay in the biggest pilgrimage center in Greece, tourists can visit more than a thousand local churches, some thousand dovecotes and dozens of deserted windmills, as well as some of the hallmarks of domestic architectural designs and hundreds of kilometers of dry stone walls lining the rocky hillside landscape.

So, if all you need on your unforgettable holiday is a comfortable private shelter and a chance to wander around scattered villages, enjoy your stay to the max and feel the spirit of the local life, make sure you check out Mirage House on Tinos – it offers all you’re looking for, and more.

Mirage House with infinity pool on the roof

Mirage House by Kois Architecture

Mirage House

Mirage House interior design by Kois Architecture

Mirage House

Mirage House architecture

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