You must have one of those “must see before I die” lists… If you don’t, we strongly suggest that you make one and put Unkai Terrace in the Japanese resort of Tomamu on it. Why? Because the words “amazing”, “breathtaking”, “stunning”, “fantastical” come to mind when you step foot on this terrace. In order to do that, you will need to take a cable car and once you get there you will witness one of the nature’s rarities – Unkai (in English ‘sea of clouds’). There is also a spectacular view of the Hidaka-Tokachi mountain range.

The Alpha Resort Tomamu is located in Shimukappu village, in Hokkaido, and has quickly become a new tourist hotspot. Unkai (sea of clouds) can be seen only from specific locations and in special weather conditions, and the terrace in the Tomamu Resort (located 1,100m high up the mountain) is the perfect place for Unkai watching. The best time of the day to see Unkai is morning, and once you get to the terrace by a gondola, you will literally be above clouds. You will be able to enjoy a panoramic view like no other!

Interestingly enough, your ticket to Unkai Terrace also doubles as a postcard which you can mail directly from the summit. There is also the Tenbo Café where you can have a warm cup of tea or coffee while you gaze at the fantastic natural phenomenon called Unkai.

Unkai Terrace at Tomamu resort

Tomamu resort in Japan

View from Tomamu resort

Terrace in the clouds

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