Lumo Lift is a bad posture activity tracker coming from Lumo BodyTech, an Palo Alto-based company. It is an upgraded version of their previous product dubbed LumoBack, which was huge in comparison to the new one. Precisely, this thingy reminds you to quit slouching and straighten up when it detects a bad posture.

This gadget is a digital activity tracker and it vibrates gently when it sees that you are doing something wrong. This is a great way of reminding you to stand firm and tall. Lumo Lift can tell whether you are running, walking, sitting, lying down and the position of your limbs, while it counts your steps and calories burned. Its size is about the size of other available fitness trackers, which means that you can put it almost anywhere you want. For instance you can clip it magnetically to your clothes or even integrate it into jewelry.

Lumo Lift activity tracker

Lumo Lift is compatible only with an iOS application that is used to keep track of your upper body position, but you can use a journal feature to write down what you are doing or how you feel.

For about $79 you can get this useful gadget that will remind you in a pretty subtle way to stand straight and this way help you stay fit and healthy. watch video below

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Lumo Lift

Lumo Lift Posture coach

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