8 best beaches of Thassos

Among the tourist places to see in Greece, a green and quiet island with great sandy beaches and delicious food looms. The northernmost of all Greek islands captivates with exactly these characteristics. As the beaches of Thassos can only be reached by ferry, the number of tourists remains limited – here you can finally relax, far away from mass tourism, with sunny temperatures and plenty of Ouzo! And what better place to relax than the beach? Let’s see which are the best beaches in Thassos – one of the best Greek islands to live on!

1. Marble Beach – the Caribbean Beach

In the northeast of the island, very close to the capital Limenas, you will find Marble Beach. Beautiful white sand, reminiscent of marble pebbles, awaits you there, and the water shimmers in an incredible turquoise blue. If you didn’t know better, you’d think you’d landed in the Caribbean. For this reason, this beach is often described as the most beautiful on the entire island. As such special places are never kept a secret, more and more tourists have been coming to the bay in recent years. Therefore, I recommend that you arrive directly in the morning or late afternoon.

2. Golden Beach – the popular beach

At a distance of half an hour from Marbel Beach is Golden Beach, right on the east coast of the island. Everyone who has been to Thassos knows this beach, as it is not only the longest beach on the island, but also the most popular. It has a length of about 4 km and lies exactly between two small places. Therefore, the swell is not so strong, which should be interesting especially for surfing beginners. At the bottom of the beach is the highest mountain of the island, the Ipsario (1,204 m). By the way, from the top you can look directly at the beach: a great reason for an unforgettable vacation photo.

3. Paradise Beach – the typical beach

If one does not know which beach to go to in Thassos, then one goes to Paradise Beach: this beach is always good! It is by far the most famous beach on the island, but also one of the most beautiful! By the way, the name Paradise Beach comes from its paradisiacal natural beauty, surrounded by a forest with clear water and white sandy beach, that’s how a typical beach should be, isn’t it? The bay is also located to the east, one hour from Marble Beach and 20 minutes from Golden Beach.

4. Aliki Beach – the versatile beach

If you have ever received a postcard from Thassos, it is very likely that Aliki Beach was on it. What is special here is not only the sloping, crystal clear water, but also the surroundings. There are the remains of a large marble quarry and many ancient remains of Greek buildings. In addition, there is a bay at the back of the famous beach. A little tip: it is much quieter there and not as crowded as on the other side. From there you can snorkel perfectly or swim up to the rock formations and jump off the cliffs. If you have a good day, you can even see some dolphins jumping. As you can see, Aliki is very versatile and there is a lot to discover.

5. Livadi Beach – The quiet beach

Livadi beach is only about 10 minutes drive from Aliki beach and therefore also in the east. As the bay is located just below the famous Archangelou monastery, it is surrounded by large rock walls. The water there is very calm and clear, the color of course also here turquoise. In addition, there is hardly any wind, so this beach is ideal, especially with temperatures around 20° – 24°C. Almost “next door” is the beach of Arsanas – the good thing? You can swim from Livadi beach directly to the other one.

6. Tripiti Beach – the romantic beach

Tripiti Beach is also located in the southeast of the country, more precisely near Limenaria. There is a long and wide sandy beach as well as other small bays in the area. Precisely for this reason, there are not so many people there yet, which is perfect for a romantic few hours for two. To see some fish, you can take your snorkeling gear out of the lockers and explore the area. If a few fish aren’t enough, try scuba diving. It’s handy that there are several diving schools nearby, for example, in the town of Potos. A perfect day trip: first dive and then relax on Tripiti beach. Afterwards you can go to a delicious fish taverna in Limenaria and stroll through the streets of the village.

7. Atspas Beach – the sunset beach

Atspas beach is not far from Tripiti beach, but its appearance is very different. Due to its location in a bay, the water here is shallow for a long time, making it super suitable for families. As the beach is relatively narrow, I recommend you to go there as early as possible. In the sea you may even see some starfish and, if you are lucky, octopus. A secret tip is to watch the sunset from there: it is supposed to be the most beautiful. You can even try to rent an apartment not far from the beach, some of them can be found at https://karta.com.

8. Pachis Beach – the shady beach

Pachis Beach is located in the north of the island and is undoubtedly the best refuge to spend a few hours in the shade. Especially in summer, temperatures in Thassos can get extremely hot, so of course the pine trees on the beach are a great source of shade. The water is also very clear here, the sandy beach quite white. In addition, the sea remains shallow for a long time, so this beach is especially recommended for families with small children.

By the way, you don’t have to worry about comfort during your visits to the beach: most beaches in Thassos are serviced. This means that there are taverns on site where you can buy drinks and food and there is a toilet available. Also, you don’t have to do without sunbeds.

Depending on the beach, a different fee may be charged or the owners may expect you to eat something in the restaurant. But this should not be a problem, as who can do without tzatziki, bread and olives – how delicious Greek food! By the way, all over the island you usually always get a free homemade dessert. So, finally you know: the beaches of Thassos are simply paradisiacal!

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